Thursday, August 11, 2011

There are no cataclismic events in our future

Heya Everyone,

The root word for Cataclismic is Catestrophic and the word origin of each is to brandish. So any reference that has been purported regarding Cataclismic event's is speaking about brandishing; like to brandish activism; read on  . . .

I was just surfing the Internet and wanted to clarify my findings. I was going to go to work on our Tectonic Plate's but it seem's there is nothing to concern ourselve's about.

There are no Cataclismic Events in our future !

This first reference will fill you in on some of the basic's on the Continental plate's; and I Quote : ".. stretche's from the Gulf of California to the southernmost tip of South America. Submarine ridge's owe their formation to the movement of the continental plate's. As these plate's slowly move away from each other, they leave gap's in the earth’s crust. This allow's molten rock from beneath the earth’s crust to move up into the gap, forming a new part of the ocean floor. As the molten rock seeping through these gap's is under some pressure, it spew's upward, forming a ridge. " Go ahead it's a pretty good read.

California's Tectonic Plate's won't be Catastrophic; we may experience an earth quake and tremor's; that's all. 7.2 at the epicenter that is in an unpopulated region and out as far as a few hundred year's. This link is pretty cool and will show you how slow they are.

This is one on Seattle, Pueget to Canada, across the Cascadien Subduction zone. They put any real movement that happen's 25 Mile's underground to be at worst in the range of a 9.2 on the Richter Scale, at the epicenter, ofwhich is Coastal and as far out as a couple hundred year's; The 9.2 on the Richter scale is the same as the last Tectonic Slip in the 1700's and is not a projection. What I am hearing is that under any circumstance's that they have done alot of preperation there; just in case.

Here is a good Satellite view of all the Tectonic Plate's Internationally : you can zoom in and out; I just happened to be getting a close up of Seattle at the time.

Our Continental Shelve's are 200 Miles out so they will save any region from slipping into the Ocean. This is a really good read.

This one is more simplistic

Other then that the weather will be inclimate; The Midwest and Eastern Seaboard never did have any problem solving with Cataclismic Event's and no problem solving then an earth quake and tremors at some point as far out as hundreds of year's.

I Believe what happened is that the Mayan's, Nostradamas and the Faith's based their precongnizance on the fact that these things prophesied were, indeed, cataclismic, while in all actuality now in the 21st Century Science is able to lend us a better understanding of what actually take's place. The differrence is that today we have Science and back then they did not.

There are no Cataclsmic events in our Future People !

Roland Durphy Menard III

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